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    I'm excited to announce that the Brian Woodruff
    Sextet will be recording another set of my originals
    this week (August 20 & 21) at Big Orange Sheep in
    Brooklyn.  Since I've taken to writing lyrics, we'll
    also be featuring our special guest vocalist
    Elisabeth Lohninger.  The band features Lisa
    Parrott on alto and soprano saxophone, Mike
    Rodriguez on trumpet, Alan Ferber on trombone,
    Pete McCann on guitar, and Matt Clohesy on bass.  
    Stay tuned for updates and sample tracks!

    The Ing... is now available on Amazon, i-Tunes, and
    CD Baby.  The CD peaked at No. 1 on the Roots
    Music Report jazz radio chart and spent about 13
    weeks there, and peaked at No. 2 during its 10
    week stay.  You can preview some tracks and read
    more about the CD by clicking OKB Trio.  You can
    see what critics have to say about "The Ing..." on
    our Press page.

    To purchase a copy of The Tarrier or to sample
    some tracks from it, please visit my Sextet page.

    To book The Brian Woodruff Sextet, The OKB Trio,
    or The Brian Woodruff Quartet, download an
    electronic press kit, or simply hire me to play drums
    on your gig or recording, please click here: Contact

    For more information on me and my groups, please
    visit the following pages:


    You can read what the critics have been saying
    about Brian's sextet and "The Tarrier" by clicking
    here: Press
The Brian Woodruff Sextet:  Back row, l to r: Matt Clohesy, bass; Pete McCann, guitar; Alan Ferber. trombone
Front row, l to r: Brian Woodruff, drums; Lisa Parrott, alto & soprano sax; Jacob Varmus, trumpet
The OKB Trio, l to r: Oscar Perez (O), piano; Kuriko Tsugawa (K), bass; Brian Woodruff (B), drums