OKB Trio

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The OKB Trio features pianist Oscar Perez and bassist Kuriko Tsugawa.  Our rhythmic acrobatics never compromise our ability to swing our way through the outer fringes
of the Great American Songbook, dance delicately over the Latin standards, or breeze lightly through a samba like our signature tune “Tristeza.” We always keep the “ing” in the swing.

We're really excited about our upcoming CD, so we've included a few teasers for you below: Fred Ahlert and Joe Young's "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter," Blue Mitchell's arrangement of
Robert Higginbotham's "Hi-Heel Sneakers," and Oscar Perez' "El Padrino."  We're honored to have recorded the first tracks ever at Big Orange Sheep, and all of the tracks were engineered, mixed and mastered
by the biggest orange sheep of them all, Chris Benham!  We hope you enjoy them!
The OKB Trio was born on June 20th, 2010.  I was running a jam session at Blackbird's in Astoria,
Queens and I had the privilege of putting together a different band each week according to my
whim, and I hit pay-dirt on my third attempt.  I brought pianist Oscar Perez, bassist Kuriko
Tsugawa, and myself together for the first time that Sunday and we hit it off immediately.  All
three of us got here early and were set up and ready to go well before the scheduled downbeat,
so I asked if anyone would like to get a drink before we started.  We all chose Palm (a really nice
Belgian beer on tap at Blackbird’s), offered each other a toast, and proceeded to swing our butts
off for the remainder of the evening.  We didn’t program anything super-difficult (nor do we
ever), but there are usually a few simple originals and some standards you haven’t heard very
often.  At the end of the gig, Kuriko said "I always want to play with THIS trio, and I agreed.  
While we are focused on swinging, Oscar and I do have a tendency to jump off of buildings and
set things on fire.  Fortunately, Kuriko is usually there to catch us with a net or hose things off
when necessary.
 In the three and a half years of combining musicians at Blackbird's, I could
never find better chemistry.  It is always my great pleasure to play with both of them!
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
Hi-Heel Sneakers
El Padrino