“…one of the most up-and-coming drummer/composers on the scene today….a first-rate composer. His ability to blend the voices in the front-line and create intriguing harmonies put him in a class by himself.”

-Dan Bilawsky, Jazz Inside magazine


“Woodruff himself knows how to lead the band from behind the traps without being intrusive, gently percolating behind everyone’s solos.”

-George W. Harris,


“The music on The Tarrier feels honest, not forced, not pretentious. Some of the other jazz I’ve listened to of late has felt bogged down by overachieving geniuses. I’m not saying Brian Woodruff isn’t accomplished, but it’s music I can identify with at last… The drumming is punctual, impeccable, crisp…While it is well written, wonderfully performed, it’s all very human, too. That sets his music apart.”

-Gray Hunter, A Hand in the Act of Writing blog


“…supreme technical delivery…adds up to a very significant, incrementally impressive reading of this quite wonderful music.”

-Raul Da Gama, JazzDaGama


“…one can feel the deep rootedness of the author in the post-bop traditions…interesting, creative and deserving of careful listening.”

-Leonid Auskren, Jazz Quad


“…the horns are arranged with a soulful crispness reminiscent of Oliver Nelson…Brian Woodruff has managed the knack of making a small group sound bigger than it is.  His composing and arranging draws from jazz, rock, and blues to create varied forms of tightly constructed music that are enhanced by high quality soloing.  His album has a sense of calm and focus that comes through whether it deals with matters of the spirit or the heart.” 

-Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz


“…this up and coming jazz drummer does much more than just keep time.  A smart leader that knows how to pick the right sidekicks, Woodruff has a great musical vocabulary that he lets speak eloquently on his behalf.  Here’s a young lion to watch.”

-Chris Spector, Midwest Record


“…drummer Brian Woodruff creates a supportive push and pull underpinning each composition with balance and strength.”

-H. Alan Williams, Jazz Times


“Woodruff shows many sides to his craftsmanship but whether his compositions are prancing jubilantly or mourning inwardly, the harmonies are spot on and flawless. 

Susan Frances, Jazz Times Online


Woodruff’s compositions are well-thought-out but leave space for improvisation from the artists.  As a drummer, Woodruff leaves nothing wanting and, as a composer, he is fulfilling and fascinating.”

-Travis. L. Rogers, The Sentinel


“Imaginative, expressive compositions.”

-Drumhead magazine 

OKB Trio


“It’s tough for contemporary jazz trio to distinguish themselves so clearly from similar ensembles, but OKB manages to do it quite easily…this trio sounds incredibly fluid in an entirely intuitive way, and that comes from pure, unadulterated chemistry…they get it down like no one else.  So there’s something quite special about this inaugural offering, a combination of community love and support and getting everything right by doing it yourself.  It shows in every note of this excellent album.”

-Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist


“The joy this trio plays and interacts with is obvious…The OKB Trio has many facets to the way they play and their original compositions have a luster that is heartfelt and musically complete.  Not just a musician to musician album, though filled with plenty of top-notch playing and composing, The Ing… takes a step forward and remembers the musicality this genre once offered aplenty.”

-Elberton Cisnero, 5 Finger Review


“Warm and classy swing.”

-George W. Harris,


“Whether OKB Trio plays originals or cover songs, the group’s chemistry shines. “The Ing” is full of a swinging energy on tracks as varied as “Hi-Heel Sneakers” to “El Padrino”…”

-Dodie Miller-Gould,

The Tarrier


Brian Woodruff’s “The Tarrier” swings sweetly with a dry understated with that reveals rhythmically well-designed and harmonically sophisticated track work.”

 -Will Romano, Modern Drummer


“Brian Woodruff’s engaging new release “The Tarrier” is a refreshing new sound that will definitely grab your attention from the opening track.  Containing excellent charts performed by a solid cadre of players, “The Tarrier” will have the ear of the critics and the approval of jazz audiences once they sample this very fine dish.”

-Edward Blanco,


“Woodruff touches on a wide range of jazz styles from the ’50s through the present day…his clever charts give the players lots of room to stretch out and interact…Although Woodruff gives his associates ample space, his drums center everything and his playing is steady and playful in nature.”

Brad Walseth,


“…an album that is a near-must. “Chorale” gives the sextet led by drummer Brian Woodruff the opportunity to present a beautifully harmonic chorale with a jazz flavor.”

-Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune


“Brian Woodruff has written a beautiful piece here that seems like it could have been written in an earlier lifetime…It’s an emotional moment, one that’s repeated with even more intensity at the end when it’s the horns that are left alone to make the final statement. Somehow, ‘beautiful’ doesn’t quite describe it.” (on Chorale, from The Tarrier)

-Mark Saleski –